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New research project form

The Collaborative Orthopaedic Research NETwork (CORNET) is a trainee-led research group based in the Northern Deanery. CORNET holds bi-monthly meetings to discuss and develop existing research projects and to act as a forum to help generate new research ideas. The best ways to get involved with CORNET are to either join the research team of an existing project or come up with an idea of your own. Information about each of CORNET’s projects, including contact details for the project leads is can be found in the minutes of the previous CORNET meeting. CORNET welcomes and encourages anyone with an idea to submit a proposal and discuss it at one of the CORNET meetings. CORNET would like to run a variety of projects. These could include randomised controlled trials, surveys, database analyses and multi centre retrospective studies. What is important is that the idea is good and those leading the project have the enthusiasm and interest to make it work.

The flowchart below explains how initial proposals are managed by CORNET and how we hope to translate ideas into workable projects supported by regional trainee researchers.

Stage 1: Come up with an idea

Structure your idea in an abstract covering no more than one side of A4. A suggested proforma is attached on the subsequent page. Make sure the idea is written clearly so that it can be understood by trainees of all grades.

Stage 2: Submit your idea to CORNET

Send your idea to CORNET will log your idea and put in on the agenda to be discussed at the next CORNET meeting. We may also send you idea out to consultants in the region to gain their input so we have this information available at the time of the CORNET meeting

Stage 3: Discuss the idea at a CORNET meeting

Your proposal will then be discussed in an open forum. This is intended to generate interest, test the feasibility of your idea and improve the design.

Stage 4: Construct a research team

If the project is deemed to be feasible CORNET will then help you construct a research team and move the project forward. We will support you in any way we can.

Research Proposal Proforma: