How will it work?

Initially we would like to invite anyone interested to contact us via the orthnorth trainee mailing list or by e-mailing
This includes both trainees and trainers who have research ideas they want to pursue through the collaborative or trainees who want to be assist with the week to week running of the collaborative.
We will then form a committee to oversee and direct the process.
Specific research projects will be selected with a nominated trainee as the project lead managing and liaising with trainees posted in the various regional centres who will facilitate with on-site project management.
The focal point for information will be the CORNET website. The region is a natural network and trainee teaching a natural focal point. CORNET will formalise and harness the informal exchange of ideas and links that the trainees in the region have already developed working and rotating together and through the weekly regional teaching.
While the collaborative will be trainee led we feel it is important that the regions consultants are involved to act as mentors and to advise and support. As the process evolves we hope to have the collaborative recognised with the STC, Training programme and school of surgery meaning that research activity undertaken within the collaborative will count towards the in-training research requirement for CCT