14/01/19 – Invitation for collaborators in new national audit

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Dear all,

In association with the North West Orthopaedic Research Collaborative, we are looking to recruit
volunteers across the country to participate in a national audit of peri-operative tranexamic acid
(TXA) use in surgery for neck of femur fractures. The current evidence base suggests that
administration of TXA to patients undergoing surgery for neck of femur fractures is safe and
effective, however there are wide variations throughout the country as to whether this is accepted

Data collection is planned over a two-week period from 4th March – 18th March 2019, inclusive of
all patients admitted with a neck of femur fracture and managed with surgery. Anonymised data will
be submitted via an online survey function once follow up is complete and outcomes have been

Collaborators will be recognised in any presentations or publications which result from this work.
If you are interested in participating or have any further queries, please get in touch at
Thomas.Naylor@doctors.org.uk, stating which region and hospital you will be working in during the
data collection period.

I will contact those that have registered interest in February with further details of the specifics of
this study in order that they can register with their hospital’s audit department and plan the data
collection. I will upload a template to the documents section of Basecamp which has further details can be used for audit registration.

Many thanks,

Thomas Naylor

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